Data Accuracy Disclaimer

All data provided on is from MLS PIN unless noted otherwise.  Rich Lee Real Estate & ERA Andrew Realty [hereafter referred to as RLRE] does not provide any guarantees as to the accuracy of the data.  You use the data at your own risk.

The data from MLS PIN goes through data cleansing prior to posting on  The data quality from MLS PIN is dependent on the real estate professionals who enter the data.

  • Values that are highly suspect are removed with reasonable effort.  Entries that are a series of invalid numbers such as “999999″, “1111111″, “000000″, or any variations of such are removed.  Figures like these have been removed from the following data types:
    • Rent
    • Property Tax
    • Lot Size
    • Living Area
  • Real estate professionals introduce errors into the data during data entry.  RLRE has no way of identifying or correcting these errors.
  • RLRE typically reports at least 15 days after the end of the time period being reported.  Due to the fact that real estate professionals occasionally update historical information more than 15 days old, RLRE cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of reports.  It is rare for many data updates like this to occur as it violates MLS PIN rules.
  • RLRE builds upon existing reports so that RLRE does not have to re-retrieve data.

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